Great Hall Phase 1 – Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado

At a glance

International Airport Renovation

Named one of the top construction projects to watch in 2021, the Great Hall at Denver International Airport (DEN) came together with perseverance, flexibility and teamwork. Despite getting off to a rough start, IME is proud to have been a part of this project from start to finish and is excited to give passengers at DEN an upgraded check-in experience.

IME has been involved in the Great Hall project since its conception in 2014.  After years of planning and negotiation, construction for this $770M design-build project finally began in 2018. Soon after work kicked off, challenges on the job caused DEN to go in a different direction with a new General Contractor and scope of work.

IME worked closely with Hensel Phelps, the new General,  and the designers to provide background on the project. They brought solutions to complicated design issues with their vast knowledge and experience at the airport.  By working collaboratively and persevering, a new statement of work (SOW) was designed. 

Once the SOW was complete and crews were realigned, the IME team went to work. Working in an active airport required safety protocols, especially during a global pandemic. In an effort to keep passengers and crew members safe, IME worked at night or early in the morning to reduce time spent around the general public. When work was done during normal business hours, it was behind a barricade. 

IME was proud to be a part of these renovations, which redesigned how customers check in for their United and Southwest flights. New kiosks, designed to speed up the check in process, were installed along with a new baggage system that helps elevate the customer experience. 

LED lights and daylight harvest sensors added to the redesigned space, making the airport more energy efficient and taking advantage of the natural light in the building. New fire alarm and emergency communication systems were installed with the help of the Denver Fire Department. IME also wired rough ins for future restaurants and airline offices. 

Upgrading old life safety systems and keeping them running at the same time was a challenge, but IME was aware of DEN’s economic impact to the state and understood how important it was to keep the airport functional with reliable systems.  

IME could not be prouder of the perseverance, knowledge and teamwork put into place by their team at DEN and this project that has been years in the making. 

Project location:

Denver, Colorado

In association with:

Hensel Phelps