Advanced Energy

Fort Collins, Colorado

At a glance

Tenant Improvement Turned to Full Demo and Redesign

Although it started as a straightforward tenant improvement project, the Advanced Energy remodel took twists and turns. By working with DS Constructors and Advanced Energy, Intermountain Electric (IME) was able to pivot with an unexpected full demo and lighting retrofit/ redesign – And they did it successfully, without extending the project’s timeline.

Advanced Energy was in need of office space for its growing number of employees. The original plan was to put this space in a different building, however permitting issues moved the plan to Building #4. 

For IME, this meant redesigning everything – Raceways, electrical layouts for furniture, panel feeders and more!  It also meant retrofitting the previously purchased lighting fixtures and controls for the new space.

The new building posed obstacles that weren’t expected in the original scope of work. Although Advanced Energy wasn’t occupying the building during the project, others were. Building #4 was home to tenants other than Advanced Energy. IME coordinated schedules with them on several occasions.

A new panel required new feeders from the utilities. The building would need to be de-energized but remain operational, without disruption to the tenants. IME was able to work with the utilities and make it happen.

Determination, teamwork and the ability to pivot made this project a success. Advanced Energy was able to move their employees into the newly renovated space in July, 2022. 

Project location:

Fort Collins, Colorado

In association with:

DS Constructors

Winner of the AGC Silver Merit Award for the Best Building Project Under $2M