Purposeful applications

Technology shouldn’t be a distraction. That’s why we’re just as mindful of the technologies we adopt as we are the technologies we avoid. We only invest in technologies that add value to our projects. By continuously investing in the best, most useful technologies, our clients receive the highest quality results.


In today’s fast-paced environment, collaboration between teams on site and in the office is absolutely necessary. We utilize multiple platforms to keep teams, contractors, and designers aligned every step of the way. Our early adoption of 3D laser scanning technology solves problems in the planning stage before they present themselves on location. No matter how successful our last project was, we are always striving to improve. Count on us.


We know the value of being nimble during a project. IME invests heavily in our own fabrication facilities. No more hold ups in production causing construction delays. We produce the necessary materials when they’re needed…not weeks later. We have a dedicated team in-house so we can be more responsive to the ever-changing needs of a project.


We utilize innovative tools and processes in the field to streamline communication and construction. Gone are the days where contractors and engineers show up with different blueprints. By using collaborative tools that provide real-time information to all involved parties, we eliminate re-work, duplication, and confusion. We are constantly pushing the envelope in terms of the way teams interact and complete jobs. We work smarter.

We are constantly looking ahead, and the future is bright. Learn more about our services and to see if IME is right for you.